Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Surveillance DVD review 2

Here's Lettie's review of Surveillance.

I received my DVD copy of Surveillance at the weekend which had been ordered online for me. I heard the sound of the letter flap opening and the thud of the package onto the floor and knew instantly what had arrived. My heart skipped a beat with excitement as I thought about the new Julia Ormond movie I was going to watch that very day. Fans of the actress will understand this excitement as artistic output from Julia Ormond in recent years has been few and far between. True, she has recently appeared in small parts in Benjamin Button and Che: Part One but I really wanted to see her in a bigger part and I thought that Surveillance would deliver and it did: Julia Ormond played one of the main characters in the film. However, she played a role like none she has ever played before and it has taken some adjustment on my part to get used to the fact.

The opening scene of the film could have come straight out of 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'. Surveillance can be described as a thriller - horror - serial killer - murder mystery with a twist (which is obvious) at the end. The scenes of violence are graphic and bloody. There is no moral to the tale either - what happens just happens and it is then over. It is meaningless violence. It is a trashy, violent film. It is the second film of this calibre that Ormond has appeared in, the first being IKWKM, and let us hope that it is the last. Julia Ormond, Michael Ironside and Bill Pullman are fine actors and deserve much better roles. I had eagerly awaited this film and to say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

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