Thursday, 27 December 2012

Exploding Sun trailer and other videos

Thanks to Rudy for this end of 2012 video roundup.

The trailer to Exploding Star (or Sun) a 4 hour mini-series is here. Click on the Photos tab to see a whole slew of photos.

A 30 minute interview with Julia that was only recently released although it was filmed soon after her Emmy win. She discusses her Emmy win, her shift from artist to actress, parenting, creativity, her desire to do comedy, among other topics.

Although this is from last year it seems to have just been released on-line recently. Julia being interviewed on the Marilyn picture.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Unity, Witches of East End, Emmy Awards

1. "Unity" is a documentary that Julia is participating in, appears to be one of numerous celebrity narrators:

2. Witches of East End Casting - Page is for those interested in working as extras on The Witches of East End. Filming will take place in various locations in North Carolina.

3.  Julia @ the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 23, 2012.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Chained Julia clip and Shockwave update

New video from Chained shows Julia apparently right before something very bad happens to the poor woman:

Shockwave has begun production and has been been retitled Exploding Sun.

Principal photography has begun on two new epic four-hour mini-series events for television. The two productions, CAT. 8 and Exploding Sun, are from Muse Entertainment and are in production in Montreal. CAT. 8 and Exploding Sun are part of Sonar Entertainment's new Disaster Pack collection of five original mini-series and will be available for distribution from Sonar later this year. They have been acquired by Bell Media for exclusive broadcast in Canada on SPACE in 2013.

In Exploding Sun, the first ever commercial space shuttle is struck by a solar storm. The disaster hyper-charges the engine and catapults the ship on a direct course for the sun. But the danger becomes more universal when it's discovered the event will trigger an infinitely larger solar storm that could send Earth back into the Stone Age. Exploding Sun stars David James Elliott (JAG), Anthony Lemke (Blue Mountain State), Natalie Brown (Being Human) and Emmy Award -winner Julia Ormond (Temple Grandin). It is directed by Michael Robison (Stephen King's Dead Zone) and written by Jeff Schecter (Strange Days at Blake Holsey High). Irene Litinsky (Human Trafficking) is producing.
So, it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Friday, 31 August 2012

Julia set in pilot for Witches Of East End

Thanks to Rudy for this find.

EXCLUSIVE: In her first series regular role, Emmy winner Julia Ormond is set to star in the hourlong Lifetime pilot Witches Of East End. Based on Melissa de la Cruz’s best-selling novel, Witches Of East End centers on the adventures of Joanna Beauchamp (Ormond) and her two adult daughters. Joanna is a sexy, warm, artistic, tough, ethereal beauty who has been concealing a shocking secret from her daughters — namely, that they are witches born and bred. Having put her magical past and powers on hold, Joanna is now living a quiet life as a small town art teacher, but in the face of a grave and immediate danger, it seems the only way out is for the trio to rediscover their skills. Maggie Friedman, who shepherded ABC’s witch-themed Eastwick, wrote and will executive produce Witches Of East End with Erwin Stoff for Fox 21 and 3 Arts.

On TV, Ormond has done arcs on such series as Mad Men, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Nurse Jackie as well as TV movies, including HBO’s Temple Grandin, which earned her an Emmy Award. She is again nominated this year for her guest stint on AMC’s Mad Men. Witches Of East End reunites Ormond, repped by Gersh and Creative Partners, with Lifetime where she toplined the 2010 LMN original movie The Wronged Man, produced by Gale Anne Hurd.


In other developments apparently Julia is only in the movie Chained for 10 minutes.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Chained DVD release and Julia in sci-fi shock(wave)

A couple of interesting finds from Rudy.

First of all some news on the Chained DVD release:

Also, Julia is in a science fiction tv miniseries called "Shockwave" now filming in Canada:

"... SHOCKWAVE, a Muse Entertainment Mini-Series, directed by Michael Robison. This is a story about the launching of the very first commercial spacecraft. Things go terribly wrong, putting the planet earth in danger of imminent extinction.
Shooting wraps up at the end of August in Montreal. SHOCKWAVE will be released in 2013."

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Julia nominated for Emmy

Joan Cusack, "Shameless"
Loretta Devine, "Grey's Anatomy"
Julia Ormond, "Mad Men"
Martha Plimpton, "The Good Wife"
Jean Smart, "Harry's Law"
Uma Thurman, "Smash"

Full list of nominations and more at --

Thanks to Mari for the alert.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chained premiere news and other stuff

I. CHAINED premieres later this month in Canada:

It will also be playing at a UK film festival late August:

II. For the next three weeks "Resistance" will be playing for free on

III. Rudy found a site listing roles Julia either auditioned for or didn't get or was offered and turned down.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Julia returns to Mad Men

Julia was on the season finale of "Mad Men." Here is a recent interview with her about the show:

And some clips!

Thanks Rudy.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chained rating and Mad Men scene

Some more finds from Rudy

1. "Chained" to be rated NC-17 in the U.S. for extreme violence. In the U.S. that means its chances of getting a theatrical release are close to nil. Also, article seems to confirm that, despite getting high billing, Julia isn't playing much of a part in the film:
2. Somewhat nosy news. Julia's house is on sale. A lot of photos of what it looks like:

3. AMC, the channel that produces "Mad Men," released a clip from the episode on its YouTube page. It's the final (adult) scene from the episode (spoilers)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Julia in Mad Men!

I just got word from Rudy and Mari that Julia was in the most recent episode of Mad Men. Here's some links...

First a photo link titled Julia Ormond and Jessica Pare in "Mad Men" from "At the Codfish Ball"

Next a recap of the episode, but I'm not reading it. "Spoilers!" as River Song would say...
Marie Calvert, Megan’s mother just might turn out to be a female version of Don. With risk to the wind, she and the now single Roger Sterling commence a dangerous liaison, that will surely have dire consequences. In the meantime, while Don is trying to protect his daughter’s innocence it comes to a pretty abrupt end when Sally unwittingly sees something she shouldn’t. Read on to see what happened in this episode 7 of Mad Men.

And another recap. "Spoilers!"

Mad Men is a notoriously secretive show. We’ve always known this from its locked-down plot details and cryptic “Next week on Mad Men” previews at the end of each episode, but they certainly topped themselves this week with the revelation of guest star Julia Ormond as Teeth’s French Canadian mother, Marie. Ormond is an Emmy-winning actress who is widely known and yet the people behind the scenes at AMC didn’t make a peep about it! She was just there smoking a ciggie on Don Draper’s couch as if she were any old day player.

Julia Ormond owns her age on 'Mad Men'

The appearance of Julia Ormond on AMC's "Mad Men" threw some viewers for a loop on Sunday night. The actress turned up as the mother of Jessica Pare's 26-year-old character Megan Draper. And Ormond's Marie Calvet, with her mid-1960s' hairstyle and clothes, made her seem aged beyond her years.
Twitter was abuzz with questions. Who was that actress? Geneviève Bujold? Juliette Binoche?

One viewer even thought she was remiscent of 1950s/'60s-era Leslie Caron.

Actually, Ormond's casting makes perfect sense. Ormond is 47, so she is old enough to play Megan's mother. Also, Ormond appears to be aging naturally.

Screen shots:

And finally another recap. Say it with me: "Spoilers!"

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The East, Chained, Oprah's magazine, trafficking

Thanks to Rudy as always!

New, unconfirmed info on Julia's role in The East. Turns out it's a small, supporting role. According to the discussion board on IMDB Julia is "playing some executive of a company that The East group goes after. It's a small part, just a few scenes, but pretty important."Julia discusses some of her favorite books in Oprah's magazine.
Trailer for Jennifer Lynch's Chained. Julia's in the trailer for the first five seconds. Wonder if that reflects her screen time. But she gets next to top billing so who knows.

8 minute radio interview on trafficking

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Julia YouTube finds

A few new finds.

This first one is interesting. Six minutes of Julia talking about trafficking.


Two vids of Julia signing autograph. She's a little chattier than usual.



Apparently she was attending the 40th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s honorary Academy Award.


"The El Escorial Conspiracy," un-dubbed English language edition, is up on YouTube.


Thanks to R.

Friday, 23 March 2012

The East - new Julia movie

Julia's in a new film called, unhelpfully, "The East." It's about a female office who infiltrates an eco-terrorist group only to fall in love with its leader. This apparently leads to a jealous love triangle with a female members of the terrorist group.
A story centered on contract worker who is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group, only to find herself falling for its leader.

Spanish language link:

According to the link the character Izzy (Ellen Page) is the jealous cell member. No indication of who Julia is playing. It's in post-production, according to IMDB.

Thanks to R for the info.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Various Julia finds

Some photos of Julia at a 2012 Golden Globe Awards after-party.

Some photos and the opening paragraphs of the Corduroy article from a while back:

Julia talks "Marilyn" (in 2 parts):