Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Julia Ormond driven by break

Here's a story that landed in my inbox...

Julia Ormond driven by break
Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Julia Ormond's career break made her more determined to succeed as an actress.

The 'Surveillance' star - who became a well-known TV and movie star in the 90s before relaunching her career last year with 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' - says taking time off to raise her daughter Sophie, now four, gave her the determination to seek out more "varied" movie roles.

She said: "I guess this little break made me decide that I needed to try to work harder, or be more disciplined about finding roles that were more different, that were more varied."

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old actress - who also runs New York City movie productions company Indican - enjoyed filming independent film 'Surveillance' because it allowed her to work closely with female directorial staff.

She said: "Until women can carve out the time and have the time to do their own creative stuff - and be as great and courageous with the voice as director-and-writer Jennifer Lynch has been with 'Surveillance' - then we're not going to change how we are perceived."

The British actress was inspired to launched her own company because she believes it is important for female actresses to ensure their voices are heard over their male colleagues.

She added to Dark Horizons: "If it's a majority of male writers and a majority of male directors, then they're not necessarily going to be disposed to creating roles for women. I guess my take is that the only way to counter it is to do your own stuff."


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