Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chained rating and Mad Men scene

Some more finds from Rudy

1. "Chained" to be rated NC-17 in the U.S. for extreme violence. In the U.S. that means its chances of getting a theatrical release are close to nil. Also, article seems to confirm that, despite getting high billing, Julia isn't playing much of a part in the film:
2. Somewhat nosy news. Julia's house is on sale. A lot of photos of what it looks like:

3. AMC, the channel that produces "Mad Men," released a clip from the episode on its YouTube page. It's the final (adult) scene from the episode (spoilers)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Julia in Mad Men!

I just got word from Rudy and Mari that Julia was in the most recent episode of Mad Men. Here's some links...

First a photo link titled Julia Ormond and Jessica Pare in "Mad Men" from "At the Codfish Ball"

Next a recap of the episode, but I'm not reading it. "Spoilers!" as River Song would say...
Marie Calvert, Megan’s mother just might turn out to be a female version of Don. With risk to the wind, she and the now single Roger Sterling commence a dangerous liaison, that will surely have dire consequences. In the meantime, while Don is trying to protect his daughter’s innocence it comes to a pretty abrupt end when Sally unwittingly sees something she shouldn’t. Read on to see what happened in this episode 7 of Mad Men.

And another recap. "Spoilers!"

Mad Men is a notoriously secretive show. We’ve always known this from its locked-down plot details and cryptic “Next week on Mad Men” previews at the end of each episode, but they certainly topped themselves this week with the revelation of guest star Julia Ormond as Teeth’s French Canadian mother, Marie. Ormond is an Emmy-winning actress who is widely known and yet the people behind the scenes at AMC didn’t make a peep about it! She was just there smoking a ciggie on Don Draper’s couch as if she were any old day player.

Julia Ormond owns her age on 'Mad Men'

The appearance of Julia Ormond on AMC's "Mad Men" threw some viewers for a loop on Sunday night. The actress turned up as the mother of Jessica Pare's 26-year-old character Megan Draper. And Ormond's Marie Calvet, with her mid-1960s' hairstyle and clothes, made her seem aged beyond her years.
Twitter was abuzz with questions. Who was that actress? Geneviève Bujold? Juliette Binoche?

One viewer even thought she was remiscent of 1950s/'60s-era Leslie Caron.

Actually, Ormond's casting makes perfect sense. Ormond is 47, so she is old enough to play Megan's mother. Also, Ormond appears to be aging naturally.

Screen shots:

And finally another recap. Say it with me: "Spoilers!"