Sunday, 31 January 2010

Julia LA Times article and Nurse Jackie news

Two finds from R.

First of all this is what Julia likes to do on the weekend:

Secondly here's some sepeculation about her guest role in Nurse Jackie:

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Julia at Temple Grandin premiere

Lettie informs me that there are photos of Julia at the Temple Grandin New York Premiere at Here are two of them:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Julia on LA news show

Thanks again to S.

On Sunday morning, Julia appeared on a local news show called "Eyewitness Newsmakers" as part of a table discussion of human trafficking. Video can be found here:

The Wronged Man review

Jo sent in her comments on The Wronged Man:

Watched "The Wronged Man" tonight. Ms Ormond was spectacular. A good, meaty role for her — and a Southern to boot (she carried it off quite believably and that's not easy). Looks like the movie will be repeated a number of times. It was on here twice on Sunday — 5pm and 9pm — and the same schedule's set for Monday. It's certainly worth a 2nd viewing!!

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Bonnie Hunt video

R sent in a link to the Bonnie Hunt video:

Friday, 15 January 2010

Julia's appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Thanks to S for sending in their detailed report about Julia's apperance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. Thanks for taking the time to write it up!

Today (Thursday) I attended the taping for Julia's appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. The show is scheduled to air on Friday. The taping took place at the Culver Studios in Culver City. Julia was the first guest and she sat down with one leg tucked under her. She wore a black button-down shirt with short sleeves and jeans. At the start of the show, Bonnie had been discussing the many plastic surgeries of Heidi Montag (I really hope that she's not known in the U.K.) [Jack: Well, for what it's worth I don't know who she is!] and about women and their issues with their appearances. So when Julia sat down, Bonnie continued to discuss those themes. Julia said something about how people blame men for these problems, but it's women who place pressure on themselves.

Bonnie asked her about her childhood and her daughter. Julia said that she was a tomboy and appearances weren't really emphasized. She said that her daughter wasn't really a girly girl, but she did have her "spangly moments" and she had her long hair cut off. She also said that her daughter was uninterested in what her mother does for a living.

At some point, there was some static problem or something with Julia's mike and it looked as though they might have to stop for a bit to handle that. Julia looked to the audience and said, "Talk amongst yourselves." Well, it turned out that there was no problem and the interview continued.

Then Julia talked about her movie and discussed the Innocence Project. They showed a clip from the movie, and when they show the clips on the monitors, they dim the lights at the front of the stage, so I didn't catch Julia's reaction. She must have had a negative reaction to seeing herself onscreen, because when the lights came up again, Bonnie made some comment about Julia's reaction. Julia said something about cringing when she sees herself onscreen. She then made a reference to some scene from the movie Julie & Julia when Julia Child and her sister were looking at themselves in the mirror before leaving somewhere.

The taping ran long, and I don't know how they will they edit the program for the broadcast.

I forgot to mention the part when Bonnie asked Julia about her first job in showbiz. Julia said that she was cast in a cottage cheese commercial because of her ability to make her eyes roll in different directions. The commercial was supposed to have pineapple chunks flying out from the cottage cheese and she was supposed to look at the pineapple parts going all over the place. However, that idea was rejected and she still got to do the commercial. Then she did a demonstration of her eyes darting in different directions.

And an update from R about what was cut out:

The interview felt edited but apparently *a lot* was left out. The only material that stayed on air was Julia making her introductory remarks about plastic surgery, a few sentences about the movie and the clip and her first job and the eye-rolling bit. Everything else about her daughter, the Innocence Project, watching herself on-screen wast cut out. Very nice report you got there. Julia also made a joke about being 57 and Hunt creduously asked her of that was true. It was kinda shocking.. lol

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Julia Interview on US TV

Julia Ormond (aka "Julia Ormand") is/was interviewed on the "Wendy Williams Show", Wednesday January 13th, 2010.

Thanks R

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Wronged Man update

Thanks to Rodolfo and Lettie for their The Wronged Man alerts today.

The Lifetime site and the IMDB have photos of Julia Ormond in The Wronged Man. Here are just two of them along with the logo thingie.

See the whole gallery at

There is a move trailer at (for some of us at any rate).

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Temple Grandin trailer

Thanks to Rodolfo for sending in a link to the Temple Grandin trailer on HBO.