Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Ormondaissance

The Undefinitive Julia Ormond Page blog is back after a temporary hiatus of nearly a year. If only time grew on trees! In the meantime there has been a big jump in Julia's presence in the cultural mainstream - perhaps her largest since 2008 - much of it having to do with the success of the Lifetime TV series "The Witches of East End" (now in its second season) and, of course, her Emmy-nominated supporting role in the popular "Mad Men." 

Here are some new Julia Ormond related finds, all very much worth-watching: 

I. Craig Ferguson's third interview with Julia. Interview begins at 21 mins in. She makes a number of jocular references to jokes from the opening monologue in case you're wondering what the deal is with "easing out organically." Unfortunately, Ferguson will be ending his late night talk show (in its current incarnation, at least) by the end of the year. I'm a big fan of his show and truly bizarre style of comedy.

II. A pretty lengthy interview with J.O. concerning both "Witches" and "Mad Men"... and "popping a few buttons."

III. Brand new lengthy interview with Julia on her more serious activist work (probably one of the more interesting interviews I've seen with her on the topic of human trafficking). A week ago or so I also caught a glimpse of her as part of a panel discussion on CNN where she was discussing the trafficking issue with former President Bill Clinton. Yes, it felt a bit like a 90's time warp. 

Julia also had a big presence (relatively speaking) at the San Diego ComicCon this year (!!!) where she and the rest of the cast were promoting the second season of "Witches of "East End."

(Jack will continue to run, post and oversee this blog but on occasion I will help with additional posts. - Rudy L. [contributor])