Monday, 29 November 2010

Julia gives away her Emmy!

Some new video finds from Rudy.

In our first installment Julia gives away her Emmy for Temple Grandin... Seriously...

And not a dry eye in the house...

And here she speeks on slavery.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Julia writes on Slavery and appears in Corduroy

An article by Julia on Slavery and Supply Chain:

I initially engaged around the issue of trafficking and slavery when I was shocked and spurred into action by reports of sex trafficking. Nothing seemed to me more heinous than the repeated rape and violence its victims endured. Although the first victims that I met were California-based, other travels around the world, to Russia, Ghana, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Europe, painted a wider perspective of how slavery pervades my own life. People often ask me, "Where is it worst?" My answer is, "in my home." In other words, products tainted by slave labor are present in the supply chains of the goods that we purchase, consume, and rely on every day.

You can read the complete article at the following link:

She'll also be in the issue 8 of Corduroy magazine.

We photographed the beautiful and talented Julia Ormond during our trip to L.A. last month. Ormond, perhaps best known for her roles in films like Legends of the Fall and Sabrina, was in a celebratory mood when we saw her, after recently winning an Emmy Award for her supporting role in the HBO movie Temple Grandin. The joy and her passion for performance was evident throughout the photoshoot, as she effortlessly segued from one gorgeous look (and one gorgeous outfit) to the next.