Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Week with Marilyn review

Here's Lettie's review of My Week with Marilyn...
I went to see My Week with Marilyn on 27th November 2011 - a nice Sunday evening film.  I went to see it, of course, because I am a huge Julia Ormond fan and, no surprises, she stole every scene she was in.  She performed the role of Vivienne Leigh to perfection and she looked as lovely as Vivienne Leigh bringing the same lady like charm to the role as the real Vivienne Leigh had in life and on screen.  Michelle Williams also portrayed Marilyn Monroe to perfection - unfortunately a very troubled and shallow character in real life - and I would not be surprised if Michelle Williams is nominated for an award for her portrayal of the actress.  It is not Julia's best film but it is certainly worth a see for the fans.  She has quite alot of screen time and her acting is always superb.